Tips to Find Jewelry According to Skin Color

DURING this we only focus on choosing jewelry according to the shape of the face. However, choosing jewelry also needs to adjust to skin color.

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As is known, jewelry has a variety of colors. With Indonesian skin colors that are also diverse, choosing the color of jewelry also needs to be adjusted to the color of the skin.

“In addition to the shape, the color of the skin also needs to be adjusted to the jewelry, so to adjust the color of the gold. For women in Indonesia, the color is mostly brownish, but Cheap Jewelry Gifts with a variety of brown hair color that does not mean it always matches the color of rosegold . “It matches even with yellow gold,” explained Julia Hadi, designer and jeweler, in Jakarta, recently.

Now, the combination of gold trends can be the right choice for jewelry according to skin color. However, so that jewelry can really look good on you, the color must be matched first.

“It’s no longer a combination season, so a combination of white and yellow can be an option. There are some that match Rosegold , but some don’t. So it must be considered. The edges must be tried before buying, “added the owner Julia Hadi Jewelery.

As for women with dark skin color, Julia said that white is very beautiful to radiate the beauty of her skin. As for the yellow man, avoid the yellow color so as not to stand out.

“If the skin is rather black, it is good to use white, black, if you use white pearls it is very good. Then there are those who use yellow gold also suitable. If the white skin is even more free choice. Whereas, if you have a yellow one, I suggest not to use the yellow one, but use the white one.

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